Apostle Yongwe is going to court

By Admin Oct 16, 2023

According to a dossier that the prosecution brought to court, Pastor Joseph Harerimana, also known as “Apostle Yongwe,” is scheduled to be charged with trust abuse at the Gasabo Primary Court.

The case was officially submitted in court on October 15, opening the door for the suspect’s arraignment, according to the National Public Prosecution Authority’s spokesperson, Faustin Nkusi, even if the hearing date has not yet been set.

A number of complaints from his congregation led to Harerimana’s recent arrest on October 1 and subsequent imprisonment at the Kimihurura RIB station.In a widely shared social media video, Yongwe is shown pleading with his fans to donate gifts in exchange for things like visas, job promotions, and potential spouses.The circumstance provoked a rapid response from RIB Secretary General Jeannot Ruhunga, who had spoke against the exploitation of people through false religious rituals during a press conference on national security.

He stressed the seriousness of such actions as fraudulent and penal offenses and vehemently asserted that doing so was not acceptable under the legal system of the country.If found guilty, the accused might be sentenced to three to five years in prison and pay a fine between Rwf 500,000 and Rwf 1 million.

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