According to information from the City of Kigali, dedicated bus lanes (DBL) for public transportation are anticipated to become operational on a pilot basis around mid-2024.A DBL is a lane set aside to provide precedence to transit vehicles, allowing them to pass through congested regions more quickly and effectively by separating them from other kinds of traffic.

When most people are traveling to and from work, in the early morning and late at night, Kigali’s DBL will take up two lanes of the CBD-Sonatubes-Giporoso road.The testing phase is anticipated to become operational before the end of this fiscal year, according to Kigali’s Vice-Mayor in charge of Urbanization and Infrastructure, Merard Mpabwanamaguru, in an interview with The New Times.”It is something that is being worked on, and we hope that before the end of this financial year, which means by mid-next year, we shall be having it tested,” the speaker said.

He claimed that the DBL is not something that can be implemented overnight because certain auxiliary infrastructures must first be established.”A study has been done, and there are facilities that need to be put in place to guarantee that the buses get their own lane. Therefore, we are closely collaborating with many government agencies, including the Ministries of Infrastructure, Finance, and Economic Planning, as well as the World Bank, he continued.The DBL is a crucial tool, according to Dodo Twahirwa, CEO of Jali Transport, one of the largest public transportation providers in the city, because traffic congestion is a significant issue that affects public transportation.

Additionally, there is a significant demand for commutability on this road.”Travel demand in this corridor is very high. High demand corridors are necessary for the DBLs to function well, according to Alphonse Nkurunziza, senior lecturer of transport planning, engineering, and urban structure at the University of Rwanda.DBLs are typically used on major routes with frequent headways (10 minutes at peak) or where traffic congestion may significantly affect reliability, according to the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), an association of 100 major North American cities and transit agencies.


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