To promote research and innovation, Prime Minister Ngirente meets with members of the Science and Technology Council.

By Admin Oct 20, 2023

On Thursday, October 19, Prime Minister Edouard Ngirente met with representatives of the National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) to talk about ways to promote innovation and research in the nation. A group of specialists tasked with advising the government on the development of science, technology, innovation, and research in Rwanda is part of the council.

Several methods were discussed at the meeting with the prime minister, according to a statement sent to the media by the minister of education and council head, Gaspard Twagirayezu. One tactic is to teach scientists in various institutions, including universities, starting at a young age. The nation’s funding and support systems for research were the subject of another plan that was examined.

He emphasized that they also talked about how the findings relates to the difficulties that communities confront.

“Quality research is important, but it’s equally important for the community to know what kind of research is being done and what the community stands to gain from it,” he stated.

Twagirayezu emphasized that there are still significant obstacles to research and innovation, such as the funding levels and the researchers’ ability to perform research.

“It is imperative for the innovation environment to grow in order to foster relationships among academia, industry, and the community,” he continued.

Twagirayezu further mentioned that the team is now in Rwanda for its eighth meeting, which was preceded on October 18 by a scientific conference.

He said, “We talked about ways to improve research with researchers here in Rwanda during the symposium, and then we had our main council meeting this morning, October 19, where we discussed different strategies, how to promote research innovation.”

He continued by saying the council has accomplished a number of things in the previous years, such as supporting 130 research projects and creating the National Research Innovation Fund.

On October 18, meanwhile, the council recognized four scholars on Wednesday for their ‘excellent’ efforts to tackling societal issues at the federal level. In addition, a journalist was recognized for his efforts to promote science, technology, and innovation in Rwanda with the Best STI Communicator Award.

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