No matter how advanced the equipment distributed globally or how much better strategic communications can be made, peacekeepers cannot do much if they lack the mentality to act decisively and pro-actively to defend civilians who are in danger.

As the fourth and last United Nations preparatory conference for the 2023 peacekeeping ministerial on the protection of civilians and strategic communications got underway in Kigali on Monday, October 23, Minister of Defense Juvenal Marizamunda repeated the request.

Speaking to a crowded conference room in Kigali, Marizamunda explained that the summit was being held during a period of severe deployment issues for peacekeeping operations worldwide.

He underlined that these difficulties are especially severe when it comes to the fundamental duty of safeguarding citizens in an environment where hate speech, misinformation, and false information are spreading over social media platforms at a faster rate than before.He said, “Hate speech creates a toxic environment that hinders a constructive dialogue. It is a uniquely dangerous phenomenon that requires our sustained attention and collective engagement.””Hate speech contributes to the marginalization and stigmatization of targeted communities based on ethnicity, religion, and sexual orientation, among many other factors. It also reinforces discrimination and undermines social cohesion.”


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