The Rwandans Bruce Melodie, Jolly Mutesi, and Rusine are nominated for the Zambian Zikomo Awards.

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Among the Africans nominated for the Zikomo Africa Awards 2023 are a variety of well-known Rwandan celebrities, such as Bruce Melodie, Jolly Mutesi, comedian Patrick Rusine, and musician Kenny Sol. The awards ceremony will take place for the third time on November 18, in Lusaka, Zambia.The yearly awards honor outstanding accomplishments in 69 different categories across a wide range of industries.

The ‘Best Zikomo Afrocharts’ category included Bruce Melodie, a well-known musician, Yo Maps from Zambia, Tyler ICU (South Africa), Gyakie (Ghana), Marioo (Tanzania), Kimani (Kenya), Innos’b (DR Congo), Ziza Bafana (Uganda), and other notable contestants.With their hit song “One More Time,” Kenny Sol and Harmonize are nominated for “Best Zikomo Collaboration Song.” They are up against a number of other songs, including “Kuna Kuna” by Vic West with Savara (Kenya), “Falou” by Anderson Mario featuring Alice Julie (Angola), and many more.Other contestants include Prof. Agnes Binagwaho and Miss Rwanda 2016, Jolly Mutesi, who are vying for the titles of “Best Zikomo Inspirational Woman of the Year 2023” and “Best Zikomo Motivation Speaker,” respectively.

Currently, Professor Agnes Binagwaho holds the positions of Adjunct Clinical Professor of Pediatrics at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine and Senior Lecturer in the Department of Global Health Equity (UGHE) and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School.Jacques Wilson Nshobozwabyosenumukiza, Denzel Trainer (Tanzania), Kayiizi Ishaq (Uganda), Teacher Bugatti (Zambia), and others are among the competitors in the “Sports Person of the Year” category.

Additionally, Rwandan DJ Alisha, a rising selecta living in Uganda, and the local Zacu TV series Bishop Family are vying for prizes in categories including “Best Zikomo Club DJ” and “Best Zikomo Tv Series 2023.”In addition, Patrick Rusine, a comedian and radio host, is a nominee for “Best Zikomo Radio Personality of the Year Southern and East Africa 2023.”In Africa, these awards have become well-known as a premier means of honoring achievement in a wide range of fields, including science, medicine, technology, sports, and entertainment.

Concerning Zikomo

AwardThe Zikomo Awards are an international awards ceremony that recognizes and honours people and organisations making positive contributions and succeeding in a variety of fields, including entrepreneurship and the arts.The Zikomo Awards also honor humanitarians who make significant contributions to society by providing aid to the underprivileged. Businesses, organizations, and people in the creative industries are nominated

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