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At Kepler, more than 160 students receive degrees certified by the US

On Monday, October 30, 163 students at Kepler’s Kinyinya campus in Kigali were granted Bachelor’s degrees in Management, Healthcare Management, and Communication Studies.

A non-profit organization called Kepler works with Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) to provide US-accredited bachelor’s degrees, opening up higher education to students in Africa. Students from Kepler’s Kigali and Kiziba campuses participated in this graduation, which marks the seventh class of graduates generated by this collaboration.
Southern New Hampshire University President Dr. Paul LeBlanc praised the graduates and highlighted their accomplishments. He was proud of this group and acknowledged their tenacity, commitment, and fortitude. “You have overcome more, achieved at an exceptionally high level, and worked harder than any students I know,” he said.

Speaking on behalf of the class of 2023, Aline Itege, a Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management graduate with a focus on Global Perspectives, said, “We completed a foundation program that greatly enhanced our communication, digital literacy, and English proficiency prior to starting our Bachelor’s degree. Additionally, it gave us a useful overview of the working world. I am convinced that these abilities will come in very handy when we go out into the real world.”

In addition, the graduates were welcomed into Kepler’s Alumni Association during the graduation ceremony. This network will help and mentor them as they start their careers.

Kepler’s curriculum emphasizes problem-solving in the real world, developing innovative learners with 21st-century abilities that set them apart from the competition when applying for jobs. Twagirayezu stated that Kepler’s internship programs and connections with possible employers further improve graduates’ employment prospects.

51.3% of the 163 graduates obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Management with a Logistics and Operations concentration, 34.1% obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a Business concentration, and 11.6% obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Healthcare Management with a Global Perspectives concentration.


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