Book on sobriety to be published by former MP Mbonimana

By Admin Oct 31, 2023
Former member of the Parliament Gamariel Mbonimana has announced the upcoming release of his book titled ‘Embracing the Power of Sobriety’, which aims to discourage drug addiction and alcohol abuse.

Former MP Dr. Gamariel Mbonimana has announced the publication of his book, “Embracing the Power of Sobriety,” which attempts to deter alcohol and drug usage, especially in young people.

In an X post, he wrote, “Breaking the silence! The translation of my book, “Embracing the Power of Sobriety,” into Kinyarwanda is currently underway. Come explore President Paul Kagame’s influential journey toward individual and group development, motivating young people for an aware and capable future. Pay attention!”

He said that his personal battle with alcoholism, which finally resulted in his departure from parliament last year, had an impact on his decision to publish the book.
Mbonimana resigned from parliament after President Kagame voiced worries about a lawmaker who was frequently mentioned in police reports for driving under the influence.

The criminal, who was granted immunity while serving as a legislator, avoided prosecution even though he was repeatedly caught driving under the influence. President Kagame emphasized that it should never be used by individuals in positions of authority.~Mbonimana, who is also the Director of Research, Consultancy, and Innovation at East African University Rwanda, is going to publish a book emphasizing the negative consequences of alcohol misuse almost a year after he put their own or other people’s lives in jeopardy.

He declared, “I want to help spread the word and educate young people about the risks associated with drug addiction.”

In addition, he clarified that President Kagame’s significant path towards an aware and empowered future served as inspiration for his book, which promotes individual development and group accountability.

Mbonimana officially apologized to the President and the public shortly after his resignation. He conveyed regret for his behavior, particularly for breaking traffic laws while intoxicated.

It was improper of him to drive while intoxicated, he wrote in a post. In this sense, I’ve made the decision to stop drinking. “Accept my plea,” the message said. I pledge to carry out any additional responsibilities if given the chance.”

The release of Mbonimana’s book coincides with the government’s ongoing national “Tunyweless” (or “Let’s drink less”) campaign.

According to the Ministry of Health’s most recent data, alcohol use has increased over the previous ten years, which is cause for concern. According to the survey, the percentage of people who consume alcohol has increased from 41.3% in 2012 to 48.1% in recent years. Young people are the demographic most at risk, thus immediate action is needed to stop the detrimental effects of alcohol addiction on the advancement of the country.

Significantly, studies show that alcohol consumption is higher in rural than in metropolitan places, such as Kigali. The widespread availability of strong alcoholic beverages in rural communities raises questions about the population’s health.

Mbonimana stated, “To ensure the well-being and productivity of the most at-risk segment of society—the youth—it is essential to address this issue at its roots.”

On November 12, he is scheduled to release the book at an event that will happen at the Hilltop Hotel.

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