Through its Open Calls Program, the National Industrial Research and Development Agency (NIRDA) has equipped eight value chains with improved machinery in an effort to increase the productivity and competitiveness of regional companies.

On Friday, October 27, the accomplishment was made public at a news conference held in association with the Belgian Development Agency (Enabel).

Christian Sekomo Birame, the Director-General of NIRDA, noted that the organization has continuously carried out the program along eight crucial value chains over time. With this, the application now supports ten value chains in total.

He underlined that NIRDA has contributed to a farming revolution in three value chains—poultry, pig farms, and animal feeds—in the agriculture sector.

“Companies purchased automated egg grading equipment, completely automated feed plants, and tray-making machinery. Additionally, NIRDA purchased aflatoxin readers to guarantee high-quality products. In order to increase the bar for pig production, contemporary farms and abattoirs are outfitted with cutting-edge equipment. He clarified, “Cold facilities and refrigerated trucks have been introduced to keep products fresh.
He noted that there have been notable developments in the value chains for stone and clay used as building materials in the urbanization industry.

Businesses purchased automated edge-polishing equipment and CNC bridge saws. The future is being built, one brick at a time, by automated brick-making machines and caterpillar excavators, he continued. Lime manufacturing and crusher plants are also paving the way for advancement.

Sekomo clarified that NIRDA and Enabel have been collaborating to support value chains in the domains of urbanization and agriculture.

“Upgraded equipment was purchased by a few companies at a fifty percent down payment, a fifty percent loan, no interest, and no collateral,” he stated.
Speaking about the other links, he brought up the value chain for wood processing, where recipients got panel saws, polishing machines, and planning machines. In addition, hot presses for stainless steel, plywood, and temperature control were introduced.

Additionally, NIRDA offers a state-of-the-art kiln for wool drying, which is anticipated to boost the production of regional wood products. For years, wood processors have lamented the absence of a contemporary drying facility.


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