Trial for Kayishema delayed while investigation continues

By Admin Oct 31, 2023

On Friday, a Rwandan national wanted for crimes related to genocide made a brief return appearance in the Cape Town Magistrates Court.

Fulgence Kayishema was discovered in May at a farm in Paarl, where it is said that he has been living for years under a false identity.

Since being charged by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda with ordering the murder of 2,000 Tutsis inside a church, he is thought to have eluded capture for more than 20 years.

The State announced on Friday that the case could not move further until it received documentation pertaining to Kayishema’s admission into South Africa.

Fulgence Kayishema, a former Rwandan inspector of judicial police, entered the courthouse on Friday while holding a bible and waving at his family and friends in the public gallery.

The State notified the court that it was still in the process of looking into his suspected fraudulent entry into the country.

The Malawian embassy has not yet supplied passport documentation, and there are still paperwork pertaining to the representations Kayishema made upon entering South Africa through the Komatipoort border. Heynes Kotze, his attorney, stated that there were still few specifics in the state’s case.

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