Passengers in seven-seater cars are permitted in Kigali

By Admin Nov 2, 2023

In an effort to temporarily address the problems with public transportation, the government has decided to allow 7-seater cars to transport people in Kigali on a commercial basis.

The Ministry of Infrastructure urged owners of these kinds of vehicles to register in order to provide the services, according to a statement released on Tuesday, October 3.
There is no cost to register, and there are no taxes associated with the services. Additionally, the government is attempting to set up parking spaces for these kinds of vehicles that provide these services.

Furthermore, in order to increase the number of buses on the road, the government’s temporary plan also intends to collaborate with bus owners to fix their vehicles.

Additionally, there is a plan to reserve two lanes on the CBD-Sonotubes-Giporoso road for public buses during peak hours. The implementation dates of this plan have not yet been announced.

By Admin

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