Russia strikes the majority of settlements in a single day during the Ukraine war, according to Kiev

By Admin Nov 2, 2023

According to Ukrainian Interior Minister Ihor Klymenko, Russia shelled 118 Ukrainian towns and villages in a 24-hour period—more than it has done on any other day this year.

He claimed that attacks had occurred in 10 of the 27 regions of Ukraine, resulting in fatalities and injuries.

In the east and south, many of the affected communities were close to the front lines.

For several weeks, the majority of Russia’s military force has been directed towards the strategically important town of Avdiivka, located in the eastern part of Donetsk.

“Avdiivka is being destroyed and erased. Over 40 significant shelling attacks targeting the territorial community have occurred in the last 24 hours, according to local leader Vitaliy Barabash.

He reported that two civilians had died and issued a warning that Russia was preparing for a third wave.

Additionally, Russia has increased its attacks on the town of Kupyansk in the northeastern district of Kharkiv, aiming to prevent Ukrainian forces from regaining control of the area surrounding Bakhmut.

Away from the front lines, there were additional strikes in Kremenchuk, when a Russian drone set fire to an abandoned oil refinery, and in Nikopol, a city in southern Ukraine, on a block of apartments, stores, and a pharmacy.

The refinery, located in the Poltava district in the center, has been the subject of multiple attacks by Russia, according to officials, who added that attacks continued until the early hours of Wednesday.

Before Russian attacks rendered the largest refinery in Ukraine, the Kremenchuk refinery, inoperative a few weeks into the full-scale.

Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, has frequently pleaded with Kyiv’s supporters to swiftly supply more sophisticated weapons and to remain united despite the country’s slow progress.

Zaluzhny, the chief military commander of Ukraine, issued a warning on Wednesday, stating that the battle has now entered a “positional” or static phase.

He said that Moscow will gain from this by “allowing it to rebuild its military power” in an Economist essay.

Mr. Zaluzhny warned that even with significant casualties, Russia still possessed “superiority in weapons, equipment, missiles and ammunition” and urged Ukraine’s partners to send in drones and warplanes along with cutting-edge mine-breaching and electronic warfare gear.

Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who is close to the Ukrainian leader, addressed the subject of tiredness during a fictitious call that was made by two pranksters from Russia.

She is overheard telling Vovan and Lexus, “I see there is a lot of fatigue, if I have to say the truth, from all the sides,” “We’re near the moment in which everybody understands that we need a way out.”

The trajectory of Ukraine’s counteroffensive may not be what they had anticipated. It is proceeding, but it hasn’t altered the conflict’s course.”

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