Every path leads to the Kigali Convention Centre (KCC), the site of the inaugural global summit of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) on the African continent.

Thousands of industry leaders, experts, and important government representatives are expected to attend the summit, which is co-organized by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and is the most significant annual conference on the travel and tourism calendar. Among other things, they will likely acknowledge the sector’s recent growth throughout the continent and analyze its challenges.

The summit is anticipated to feature a number of keynote speakers, including heads of state and prominent businesspeople.

Under its seven-year National Transformation Strategy, Rwanda hopes to quadruple its tourism earnings from $445 million (about Rwf 546 billion) in 2022 to over $800 million (roughly Rwf 983 billion). The summit takes place at this time.

The WTTC Global Summit, according to its organizers, intends to be the impetus for this transformation by providing a forum where opportunities and ideas collide and where travel and tourism’s future is determined.

Rwanda’s newest treasure is the Cyinzobe Walking Trail in Nyungwe National Park.

According to World Wildlife Fund, the new Cyinzobe walking track is a gripping addition to Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park, enabling tourists to hike through the mountainous rainforest region.

This recently constructed hiking trail winds through lush, verdant landscapes over the course of three days, providing hikers with the chance to discover Rwanda’s abundant biodiversity and come across a wide variety of flora and animals, including colorful bird species and native plant life.

The park administration claims that there are two premium full-board campsites with wooden cabins along the trail, providing guests with a natural haven to recuperate from a day of hiking.

The roughly 102,000-hectare rainforest in southwest Rwanda is home to intact forests, moors, thickets, peat bogs, and grasslands. These ecosystems serve as homes to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

The national park provides up to 70% of the water for the River Nile and River Congo, two of the longest rivers in the world.

RwandAir launches new, daily direct flights to Kigali from London.

The national airline, RwandaAir, announced on October 29, 2023, that it will begin daily non-stop service between Heathrow and Kigali. Previously, there were just four weekly direct flights.

The new route has a total flight duration of eight and a half hours, leaving London at 8:30 pm and arriving in Kigali at 7 am the following day.

When flying to Africa, passengers can choose between flying in business or economy class on RwandAir’s Airbus A330 fleet.

The news comes after the airline recently announced that it will begin daily nonstop service from Paris to Kigali in June 2023 as part of its expanding European operations.

As it continues to increase the number of routes it offers and the capacity of its air service, the airline also just announced the addition of a new Boeing 737 aircraft.

Currently, the airline serves over 20 destinations in Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Western, Central, Eastern, and Southern Africa.

Abuja, Accra, Bangui, Brazzaville, Bujumbura, Cape Town, Cotonou, Dar es Salaam, Douala, Entebbe, Harare, Johannesburg, Kilimanjaro, Lagos, Libreville, Lusaka, and Nairobi are among the African cities that RwandAir serves.

Sets sail, Kivu Queen uBuranga

When the Mantis Kivu Queen uBuranga sets sail in the fourth quarter of 2023, it will be a luxurious vessel that awaits guests.


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