A historic event took place at Urugwiro Village on November 14, 2023, when President Paul Kagame presided over the swearing-in ceremony of important government officials. On the occasion, senior officials commissioned by the Rwanda Investigation Bureau were sworn in, and justices of the Supreme Court, High Court, and Court of Appeal were inducted. These included Supreme Court judges Isabelle Kalihangabo and Kazungu Jean Bosco, as well as High Court President Jean Pierre Habarurema and Judges Xavier Ndahayo and Angelline Rutazana.

This incident was a pivotal moment in boosting the Rwandan government’s commitment to good governance, justice, and transparency, which in turn strengthened the judicial backbone.

The Supreme Court, High Court, and Court of Appeal judges’ swearing-ins demonstrate Rwanda’s dedication to a strong and independent judiciary. The fact that President Kagame attended this ceremony emphasizes how crucial it is to have capable and moral people in place to defend the law and guarantee that justice is served at all levels of the judicial system.

Apart from the judicial appointments, Ms. Consollee Kamparampaka, a top official at the Rwanda Investigation Bureau, also took an oath, signifying a renewed commitment to battling corruption and maintaining the utmost integrity in the pursuit of justice. President Kagame’s attendance at these inductions serves as further evidence of the government’s steadfast dedication to combating corruption and promoting an accountable culture.

The swearing-in ceremony’s public format demonstrates the Rwandan government’s dedication to openness and transparency. through permitting the notion that the people it represents are the ones who hold the government responsible.

Gazing Forward:

The ceremony heralds a new era in Rwandan legal and investigative affairs as senior government officials assume their positions. It prepares the groundwork for an investigative and judicial branch that is principled, well-equipped, and dedicated to preserving the ideals that drive Rwanda’s development and advancement.


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